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Today my uncle passed. Maybe i wasn’t as close as i should have been to him but i know deep down in my heart that I will miss him. It may not hit me now, but I know in due time it will. Some of the things that have happened in the time that I knew that he was passing will have changed me forever. People i encounter at work and the things he told me on his death bed will forever mold me into a better person. He may have left this world alone, but I know that he really wasn’t alone. He had us. His family. And in the end, that’s what really matters. 

I will see you in another life uncle. Rest in Paradise.


Today at work I helped a man pick out some shoes for his wife. He introduced me to her and told me she can’t really speak because she has a disease that is causing her brain to deteriorate causing similar symptoms to Alzheimers. She can do so little for herself and he has helped her a every step of the way. This reminded me to check myself on who I love and how I love that person. But that’s not what caught me. What really stopped me in my tracks was the fact that he was also disabled to an extent. He had had two hip replacement surgeries and chronic back pain caused by his feet. I recommended a brand of shoe that might help, and he said nothing helps because of the hip replacement. He can only walk 50 yards before having to stop to rest or the pain becomes unbearable. His unconditional love and care for his wife gives me hope to see the girl I fell in love with to remember that no matter what happens physically, mentally, and spiritually, that I love her unconditionally because that’s what true love is.

Thank you sir. You give me hope.


I spoke with a man on his death bead today. A very close friend and a very strong man. The greatest uncle you could ask for. He saw me and said on his way to hospice that he spoke with the EMT and he said the EMT told him that he works transfers for hospice and he sees the strongest of men. But the main thing is that he realizes one main thing. And that is that life is too short. Everything that you do in life is meaningful to someone. But its too short. Everything you collect, everything you own, even everything that you learn, and all you save, in the end…it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have the love of your family, and to see that the people that come to see you in your final days are the ones that really care and really matter. So just remember to enjoy life, love deeply, and most importantly live to the fullest because they only thing that matters is the life that you live and how you enjoyed it.





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My Love

6 months ago I met a girl who I never knew could change me so much. I met someone who turned my world upside down. I thought myself as a screw up, the runt if you will, but she showed me more than i was capable of. She motivated me to do better and live life like there was no tomorrow. She is now my life. She is now my reason. She is my life.